Heroes Mission

Rehabilitative Sports Program

Sports change lives. In our ongoing effort to provide support for Veterans re-entering society following life altering injuries or experiences, the positive impact of participation in team sports has been resounding. We are committed to executing initiatives that foster both physical and psychological recovery, offering guidance and programs to regain strength and independence, with the critical socialization component to provide a sense of unity. Participation in rehabilitative sports programs is proven to result in increases in physical, psychological, social, and environmental quality of life as well as reductions in negative mood states.

About the Heroes Mission

The Heroes Mission was established to honor and support those who have dedicated their lives to the service, protection and freedom of others.

We provide critical assistance to those in need through our own fundraising efforts, as well as through strategic partnerships with organizations who support our mission to ensure that 100% of net income and funds raised through our endeavors provide direct assistance to those in need. Corporate sponsors fund all operating costs and we carefully scrutinize every partner, event and program and provide complete transparency and visibility to the allocation of all funds.